Friday, February 17, 2017

All Around Good Luck

"Good Luck Horse" is one of the found object metal sculptures Karlene Schoedel has in "Horse/Crow" Exhibit through February at LITTLE DOG Art Gallery.  She probably made to sit on a flat surface, but I have it displayed on the wall right in front of my desk. I look up and there it is: GOOD LUCK.

I look over to the right and I see Terry Davitt Powell's monoprint "Polka Dot Mare." How lucky is that!  I glance farther right and I see "V" and "Dancing Stallions." More monoprints, more awesome luck! I look all around the gallery at the incredible visual treat of the art on walls and displayed on pedestals; so much talent.

I am so gosh darn fortunate to take in and hang new artwork each month. AND I enjoy seeing it all and sharing it with gallery visitors from the community or from other regions! Some visitors even purchase a work of art. That, too, is very fortunate.

It's fun when families come in with young children who "ooooh" and "aaaaah" at the pretty colors and shapes, and ask questions about what they see. How lucky are THEY that they have an opportunity to visit a gallery and see good artwork firsthand rather than in a magazine or a book. Lucky for our community, too, that children are being introduced to an appreciation for culture, that they will carry on with them as they become adults and leaders in our community.

Okay, so I'm off on a tangent far beyond simply looking up and seeing "Good Luck Horse." Or am I?

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