Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Musings of an ex-gallery owner ...

I didn't really have expectations as to how the whole logistical configuration of transitioning from a brick and mortar gallery to an exclusively online art gallery would look or feel. Oh my! There is a huge difference.

Artists:  Richy Sharshan, Kay West, Megan Holden, Christina Rothe, Tracy Dupuis Roland

I think first off that it is more solitary than anticipated.

Yes, I'm still dealing with artists and their needs and questions, but it's via email or Messenger or texting. But I can't see their eyes brighten while they're texting about a new project. I can't hear the excitement in the artist's voice as their words come faster and faster about trying a new medium. There's little face-to-face interaction, other than, yes, going to art exhibits and talking with the artists at the various show venues about their concept, their story, execution of their work.

As introverted as I deem myself to be, this loss of activity and interaction enjoyed in the gallery has been unexpected. And of course it prompts me to consider generally how solitary an existence creatives lead.

I think I'll mull this over and come up with regular meet-ups in artist studios, or perhaps invite artists to periodic art salons. A problem presents that without a gallery, WHERE? There must be such gatherings in other areas. I'll have to research this and follow through, as I've heard from other artists that they, too, long for exchange of ideas and art processes, and what's going on in the art world outside of Spokane.

If anyone has suggestions or is agreeable to sharing what they are doing in their communities, I would be most appreciative. One artist to another.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Looking Ahead to Online Art Exhibits

Here we go! April 20th is the deadline for submissions for "Select Impressions," the first of what we hope will be many online art exhibits brought to you by Little Dog Art Gallery.

Solarplate Etching by California Printmaker Jan Harvey

There will be no more than 21 works of art exhibited in the upcoming monthly online art shows. This enables viewers a good selection of art to look at and determine their purchases, without being overwhelming.

Some of the shows slated for the brick and mortar gallery have been shelved for the time being. It's sometimes challenging to show well fiber art pieces or three dimensional works within a two dimensional context. We've worked to come up with exhibit themes and media we hope you'll find visually appealing. For the time being, each show will include the work of various artists. We may slip in some solo artists exhibits from time-to-time down the road.

The art will be available for purchase, which can be handled directly through the website, for your convenience. We hope you will provide us with feedback if you encounter any difficulties using this system, so that we might remedy such problems and make your online purchase as easy as possible.

Please fill out the Contact information on our Little Dog Art Gallery website to receive notification of change of online show.

More information to come about the May printmakers' exhibit "Select Impressions."

We hope you'll enjoy the upcoming shows as much as we've enjoyed creating them for you!

K West
Gallery Curator